TripCase is a very useful app for those who want to follow a travel itinerary. The idea behind the service is to organize the travel plan so the traveler does not miss any important moment.

The resource is very simple to use. First, install the application. Then, register using your e-mail. Finally, choose a destination and add important information about your trip.

Gemma uses TripCase Connect as an administration platform that is apt to distribute travel documents, and send messages to clients. Using the app, our customers can receive the latest details about their flights, as well as visualize seat maps and receive the latest updates about weather, directions, contact information and other important data.

Get to know some funcionalities:

– updated information about your flight;

  • weather forecasting for the place where the user is located, option of alternative flights, seat map of the aircraft, contact information and maps.
  • picture, telephone and address of the services the user may want to use while traveling;
  • notification about changes in the flight schedules and ability to share the itinerary with family and friends;

Please download TripCase and organize your travel itinerary.